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Traffic Violations

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Traffic Violations

Why you don’t just pay the ticket.

After being stopped and cited for a moving violation, many people simply choose to pay the fine and move on with their lives. The problem is that, in addition to the likelihood that your insurance premiums will be raised, accepting the ticket puts points on your driving record. This places you closer to losing your license if you rack up just a few more tickets.

We are skilled traffic defenders with 14 years of experience in the municipal courts of Wisconsin. Our knowledge of how to defend traffic violations and how these matters are handled differently from county to county has made a tremendous difference for many clients. Most cases are reduced to a non-moving violation or a parking ticket which will not appear on your driver’s license record.
Call or contact us before you simply pay that ticket. We go to court for you, you don’t have to meet with us. Everything can be handled over the telephone or through an E-mail consultation and all consultations are FREE with no obligation. You can also pay your legal fee with a credit card over the telephone.
Since 1999, our firm provides skilled traffic-violations defense on behalf of individuals throughout the entire State of Wisconsin.
Although this is just one part of our practice, it is an area where we have earned significant recognition and respect.


Some of the traffic-related charges we handle include:
  • Speeding, excessive speeding
  • Speeding in a school or construction zone
  • Reckless driving
  • Inattentive driving
  • Failure to yield
  • Stop-Sign violations
  • Red-Light violations
  • Accident Tickets
  • DUI / OWI / Drunk driving
  • Underage drinking
  • Violating an occupational license
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • Commercial Driver Licenses-CDL
Save Money

With proper representation, we can help you save money on fines, court costs, and lower car insurance premium increases.

Save Time

We work for you and can be in court instead of you. Usually, you don’t have to go to court, make multiple trips, or even miss work.

Avoid Anxiety

When we represent you in traffic court, you won’t have to face the judge, district attorney, or police officer to argue your ticket alone. In fact, clients very rarely ever appear in court when they choose Konstantakis Law Office as their counsel.

Free Consultations in Traffic Ticket Cases
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help pursue any traffic ticket throughout the entire State of Wisconsin.
In addition to English, our services are available in Greek.
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